Network Health Check

Network Health Check:

One of Nuebis’ key strengths is its capacity to offer a Network Health Check, completely free of charge and without obligation. Regardless of whether you have a full or partial agreement with your IT provider it’s always worth getting a second opinion.
Nuebis offers organizations a free health check for both network infrastructure and the IT provision. Unlike some of our competitors we can provide you with a report that provides a true and accurate picture of your current provision.

Our health check can bring many advantages and we would like to highlight some of these.


Our health checks allow you to receive a full report regarding your IT systems and network performance. Find out if there are areas that need attention or require upgrading. This can include memory, CPU speed, storage, networks and communications.


Security is very important to any business. Our network health checks include rigorous security testing methods that test the strength and reliability of your IT protection. We often find that our health checks highlight areas that need to be looked at and issues to be solved. Even for peace of mind, it’s great to know how well protected your business is.

Business Continuity

Although you may think your IT systems are running smoothly and without any issues there is the possibility that issues or problems can occur in the future. One of the core benefits of a network health check is to look for potential threats or issues to your business that could occur in the future. These issues can be in the form of performance, storage limits, overheating components, limited network expansion and many more.

If a problem occurs and interrupts your day-to-day running or causes downtime, your business is going to suffer. It makes sense to review current situations and work to avoid any hurdles that could harm your continuity.

Project Consultancy

Are you planning any projects? Nuebis IT can give you an expert opinion and provide information that will help you to plan and develop your IT systems. With our vast knowledge of different IT solutions, we can give you advice on how to move forward with your business and take advantage of the technology available to you.

Technology Status

The health checks provide comprehensive evidence of your IT systems and how up-to-date they are. From this and our reports, we are able to make recommendations for technology upgrade paths and allow you to fully understand any limitations or problems that you could be facing. We can also spot any key areas of your business that would benefit from a newer technology to increase efficiency or productivity.

Book a Network Health Check

Our Network Health Check will cover a review of:

  • Network speed – to ensure you are getting the maximum performance from your equipment
  • Event logs – for any impending failures
  • Windows Patches – to ensure you’re getting the most from your applications
  • Internet Connection Speeds achieved and possible upgrade options
  • Anti-Virus solution in place
  • Warranty Checks on all core infrastructure including expiry date forecast
  • Any Backup solution in place
  • Firewall rules in place – their configuration and implications explained

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